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Chinese New Year


  I love Chinese New Year. It’s the amazing colours, the amazing food and you’re always guaranteed a good dose of Kung Fu! 2015 is the Year of the Goat. If you were born in the years 1931, 1943, 1955, ...

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Traditional Chinese Medicine


  Traditional Chinese Medicine gets a bit of stick and can be looked down upon by a lot of GPs who either lack the knowledge or the understanding as to what it can offer.  However, this branch of medicine is ...

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Flawless films


  Newport action man Jake from Flawless Films talks about filming and producing martial arts scenes for his YOUTUBE Channel.   WARNING: The embedded YOUTUBE clips contains strong violence and should only be viewed by persons over 18. Flawless films ...

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Cardiff BJJ gets a new home


  Earlier this month I visited the Chris Rees Academy to check out their new digs. The Cardiff branch of this successful Brazilian Jujitsu club is helmed by black belt, Rob Taylor. Formerly housed in Ocean Way, Cardiff, the club ...

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Unified Weapons Master


    Most of us, I would imagine at one point of our lives, would have liked to have hit at least one particular person with a really, really big stick. Luckily, those that have thought about it have also ...

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