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Jack of all trades and master of none. Fully qualified and unrepentant M.A.G (Martial Arts Geek). Willing to bleed for your entertainment. Gareth- the original sofa samurai and editor of CMA News.

Ryan Lockyer-Cage Warriors


CMA News met up with Ryan Lockyer to talk about his first up coming MMA fight – in Cage Warriors Wales on the 4th of June! The 19 year old has earned a place in the amateur line up to ...

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Masters in the making

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  CMA News is having a bit of a restructure. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time I once did to dedicate to the site so cannot guarantee monthly articles/masters in the midst. However, I will be introducing a new section; ‘Masters ...

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CMA News on the air


CMA News will be kicking down your eardrums this Sunday! I’ve had the great privilege of being invited on to BRfm radio by host Lee Monroe on to his ‘late and live show’ and chat about martial arts this Sunday between ...

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Thoughts of a Ninja


The Art of Ninjutsu I am not here to tell you to like my martial art. I am not here to tell you to follow a certain path. I am here to show you concepts and principles to apply in ...

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Training With Your Other Half


  My name is Michael Jones. For over a decade I have dedicated myself to the study of Ninjutsu. My studies have taken me all over the country and even as far as Japan. Along my journey I discovered another ...

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Cage Warriors opens the box on Welsh fighters

Cage Warriors Logo poster

People who know me, know that I love a good old (legally regulated) scrap. As long as its happening to someone else of course. Pain Pit, Cage Warriors and BAMMA, have continually churned out entertaining match ups allowing MMA fans vicariously ...

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