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Jack of all trades and master of none. Fully qualified and unrepentant M.A.G (Martial Arts Geek). Willing to bleed for your entertainment. Gareth- the original sofa samurai and editor of CMA News.

Book: Legends of the Martial Arts Masters


  This book (119 pages long) is a compilation of twenty short stories about various martial arts masters. Each has a different theme and read like anecdotes. Some are unbelievable, some are exaggerated and some leave you perplexed but all ...

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UFC Gold diggers

Who is most able and willing to secure another belt in a different weight class in the UFC? Click here for the full article by Clinton Bullock for the Bleacher Report

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FILM Chinese Zodiac


                                  Chinese Zodiac (or CZ12) is the latest and weakest outing for Jackie Chans gum chewing Asian Hawk (or Asian Condor). For the uninitiated, ...

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Naziyah Mahmood

pic 16

pic: www.fionabrimsphotography.co.uk Naziyah Mahmood is a woman of contradictions.She was a scientist for the European Space Agency, an artist and soon to be published writer/poet. Also, she is a deadly martial artist and weapons collector while being a peace loving ...

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Cardiff BJJ gets a new home


  Earlier this month I visited the Chris Rees Academy to check out their new digs. The Cardiff branch of this successful Brazilian Jujitsu club is helmed by black belt, Rob Taylor. Formerly housed in Ocean Way, Cardiff, the club ...

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      It’s all about mutual respect. Understanding.          Yeah, about tolerance and compassion. The kids here get it. They just want to learn.         Well, I think its fantastic. Keep up the ...

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