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Jack of all trades and master of none. Fully qualified and unrepentant M.A.G (Martial Arts Geek). Willing to bleed for your entertainment. Gareth- the original sofa samurai and editor of CMA News.

Mr Calzaghe


Mr Calzaghe. Joe Calzaghe, Welsh boxing hero is show cased in this documentary about his rise from shy, bullied school kid to fighting through the boxing ranks to be the man he is now. It’s well made and the 94 ...

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                                    Photograph by Rich Hinton. Click on picture to go to photo-fu or click here to go to his Flikr page.

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Karate Stupid

Karate Stupid

                          Karate Stupid is a 198 page book written by Scott Langley about his view/account of training in Japan among the top brass of the (Shotokan?) JKS Karate ...

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Marco Polo-Hundred Eyes


    I have to admit that I haven’t yet seen the Marco Polo series, however while casually browsing Netflix, I came across this gem. This short (only 28 minutes long) had me on the edge of my seat. It ...

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                                Photograph by Bjorn Vervik aka Cybersong. Click here for the page on Flikr. Click on the picture to go to Photo-Fu

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November: Distracted


  Photograph ‘Distracted’ by Eric Langley. Click on the picture to go to Photo-Fu or click  here to visit Eric Langleys Flikr page that includes  a bit of background to the picture.

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