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Jack of all trades and master of none. Fully qualified and unrepentant M.A.G (Martial Arts Geek). Willing to bleed for your entertainment. Gareth- the original sofa samurai and editor of CMA News.

Kung Fury


The title Kung Fury doesn’t necessarily conjure images of a potential Kung Fu classic movie, more like a tongue in cheek martial arts spoof such as the likes of Kung Pow. Films of this style of humour are enjoyable and ...

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October: Silat


        Photograph ‘Silat’ by Vichaya Chatikavanij. Click here to view Flikr page. Click on the picture to return to photo fu.

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Martial Arts History Museum


  At CMA News we love anything to do with martial arts or combative sports and are proud to call ourselves martial arts geeks, or, ‘M.A.Gs’ if you will. In fact, if Mr Han still had his Island, I would ...

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Marcus Shakesheff – Movie Stuntman P2


Welcome to Part 2 of the Marcus Shakesheff interview. If you missed Part 1, you can read it by clicking >here< CMA News interviews Newport born stuntman, writer, actor, director, Marcus Shakesheff in the garden of his Welsh home.  Here ...

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