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Marco Polo-Hundred Eyes


    I have to admit that I haven’t yet seen the Marco Polo series, however while casually browsing Netflix, I came across this gem. This short (only 28 minutes long) had me on the edge of my seat. It ...

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Kung Fury


The title Kung Fury doesn’t necessarily conjure images of a potential Kung Fu classic movie, more like a tongue in cheek martial arts spoof such as the likes of Kung Pow. Films of this style of humour are enjoyable and ...

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FILM: Kung Fu Killer

kung fu kil-2

Not to be confused with the late David Carradines movie, this Chinese ‘Kung Fu Fighting Flick’ stars Donnie Yen as (again) a surly faced martial arts hero who literally kicks butt and figuratively sucks lemons. Directed by Teddy Chan, I ...

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FILM: Man of Tai Chi


  I wasn’t expecting much and got much more than I bargained for. Man of Tai Chi, directed by Keanu Reeves is a little gem than had ducked under the radar until now. People maybe put off by the language ...

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FILM: Street fighter 2 Assassins fist


I have had my hopes raised and dashed before. There have been so many incarnations of Street Fighter 2 and most have let me down. I have many fond memories about challenging my mates on the old Super Nintendo (or ...

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FILM: Warrior King 2

warrior king2 head

The Warrior King 2 brings Tony Jaa back as Kham, a country bumpkin with a soft heart and hard fists. The unlucky fella misplaces his gigantic pet elephant…….again. Slightly peeved, he goes after the man he thinks is responsible for ...

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FILM: Ninja Apocalypse

ninja apo1

Ninja Apocalypse I fell in to the trap. Ninjas, the intimation of zombies, how could I resist? The cover looks cool but if anything, the title should have screamed ‘B’ movie at me. Not that all B movies are necessarily ...

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FILM: A good man

a good man1

    A good man Steven Seagal just won’t stop making films. He’s just cocky with the old chopsocky. Now at 62, he qualifies for retirement and his free bus pass but instead would rather tear around waving guns, dishing ...

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FILM Chinese Zodiac


                                  Chinese Zodiac (or CZ12) is the latest and weakest outing for Jackie Chans gum chewing Asian Hawk (or Asian Condor). For the uninitiated, ...

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