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FILM: The Raid 2


                        Welsh born director Gareth Evans has done it again! This time around he’s got a more cash to flash. The inflated budget is reflected in the films bigger ...

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FILM: Special ID

special ID

                    During the intro the camera slowly pans across the beautiful Hong Kong sky line with a saxophone riff playing in the background. It has the subtle undertones of an old ...

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FILM: Ninja-Shadow of a tear


                            The crate containing the recipe for 1980s martial arts ninja action film has been jemmied open with a Shuriken and faithfully restored and updated.  I recognised ...

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FILM: Blood Money

blood money

                        Blood Money is, I guess, a gangster film and follows the bad guys as they try to expand out of Miami into the Asian drugs market. There are ...

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FILM: Badges of Fury

badges 723

                          For those of you wanting a hard core martial arts action flick, then this Chinese import isn’t for you. When the mad cap title sequence started, I ...

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