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ChopSocky Autopsy-Bourne Identity









Welcome to a new feature where we review some of your favourite movie fight scenes and break them down for you. As we are a voluntary website with no cash coming in, we can’t afford to pay the permission for the stills and so I had to dig out my son’s Crayola box and set to work to recreate them. I apologize for the quality.

* * Note. Don’t try this at home. This is just a fun review.

Bourne Identity.

I’ve chosen The American Embassy fight scene, where we see Bourne duck into the building to avoid local police. Bourne casually joins the queue but realizes agents are closing in on him. In front is a government Agent 1 (in blue) and standing immediately behind him is a US Marine. Further behind him is a second government agent-Agent 2 (in grey).

The Agent 2 calls out to Bourne and produces handcuffs in his left hand. Bourne slowly raises his hands to his head in surrender. The Marine sneakily slides out his tonfa style baton from its holder with his right hand, then clamps a meaty left mitt on Bournes right shoulder. His reaction is instant.

1. Bourne leans back and reaches over with his left hand to grab the Marines left wrist. He then pulls the arm over to his left side twisting the wrist to the palm up position.







2. Agent 1 closes in to be welcomed with either a fingertip thrust or punch to the throat by Bournes right hand. Agent 1 is down.








3. Bourne brings his right arm back to either elbow the Marine to the solar plexus or to give him a hammer fist to the plums.He then kicks agent 1 as he’s bent over holding his throat and gagging.








4. The Marine still wants to play and so swings the baton he’d just remembered he had with his right hand to Bournes left temple. Bourne steps into the strike and blocks using both forearms, sending the baton reeling from the Marines grip.









5. Bourne¬†places his right hand on the Marines right shoulder to turn him and loops his left arm underneath the Marines left arm pit. He’s now got a human shield from Agent 2 who is drawing his pistol. Bourne reaches out with his left hand.









6. He then grabs the back of agent 2’s right wrist and angles the gun towards the Marine so he can’t fire. Bourne pivots to his right dropping the Marine.









7. Bourne has his back to Agent 2 but his left hand is still in control of the agents right hand with the gun. Bourne pivots again so they’re backs are (although to the side of each other) essentially facing back to back and loops his right arm over the agents head.









8. Bourne grabs Agent 2s windpipe and half lifts him, half hip throws him to the floor.









9. Bourne strips agent 2 of his weapon then he spins around to face two Marines approaching him.









10. Bourne stares them down and they back off with hands in the air.









This scene lasted only 8 seconds.

When the first Bourne film came out I loved the gritty down in the gutter fighting. I haven’t watched any ‘makings of’, so I presume the style/system used is a mixture of various martial arts and Krav Maga. (If I’m wrong please correct me.) I know the current Hollywood favourite is KFM but this scene doesn’t have their signature moves.


Hope you enjoyed it.



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