kung fu photographer2                                       Picture by Ting Liu – Flikr Summerlastsforever

Welcome to the noble art of photo-fu, where people send in pictures of themselves (or a strange friend) in the act of a martial arts move that is funny, cool or just completely bizarre.

Do you think that you’ve got a photo like this tucked away somewhere? If so, please send it in for us to either laugh, envy or just scratch our heads at. Please don’t send in anything that’s dangerous, illegal, offensive or raunchy. It wont get posted….no matter how many times you ask! Click here to see how to submit your media.


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                                    Photograph by Rich Hinton. Click on picture to go to photo-fu or click here to go to his Flikr page.

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                                Photograph by Bjorn Vervik aka Cybersong. Click here for the page on Flikr. Click on the picture to go to Photo-Fu

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November: Distracted


  Photograph ‘Distracted’ by Eric Langley. Click on the picture to go to Photo-Fu or click  here to visit Eric Langleys Flikr page that includes  a bit of background to the picture.

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October: Silat


        Photograph ‘Silat’ by Vichaya Chatikavanij. Click here to view Flikr page. Click on the picture to return to photo fu.

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