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Caution! Some reviews will contain spoilers!

Karate Stupid

Karate Stupid

                          Karate Stupid is a 198 page book written by Scott Langley about his view/account of training in Japan among the top brass of the (Shotokan?) JKS Karate ...

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Marco Polo-Hundred Eyes


    I have to admit that I haven’t yet seen the Marco Polo series, however while casually browsing Netflix, I came across this gem. This short (only 28 minutes long) had me on the edge of my seat. It ...

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Kung Fury


The title Kung Fury doesn’t necessarily conjure images of a potential Kung Fu classic movie, more like a tongue in cheek martial arts spoof such as the likes of Kung Pow. Films of this style of humour are enjoyable and ...

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Book: Angry White Pyjamas


  AWP is a book written by Robert Twigger about his time as a live-in student at the famous Aikido Dojo in Tokyo. This is a bit of a classic but worth reviewing. Robert, who at the time was in ...

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FILM: Kung Fu Killer

kung fu kil-2

Not to be confused with the late David Carradines movie, this Chinese ‘Kung Fu Fighting Flick’ stars Donnie Yen as (again) a surly faced martial arts hero who literally kicks butt and figuratively sucks lemons. Directed by Teddy Chan, I ...

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FILM: Man of Tai Chi


  I wasn’t expecting much and got much more than I bargained for. Man of Tai Chi, directed by Keanu Reeves is a little gem than had ducked under the radar until now. People maybe put off by the language ...

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FILM: Street fighter 2 Assassins fist


I have had my hopes raised and dashed before. There have been so many incarnations of Street Fighter 2 and most have let me down. I have many fond memories about challenging my mates on the old Super Nintendo (or ...

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FILM: Warrior King 2

warrior king2 head

The Warrior King 2 brings Tony Jaa back as Kham, a country bumpkin with a soft heart and hard fists. The unlucky fella misplaces his gigantic pet elephant…….again. Slightly peeved, he goes after the man he thinks is responsible for ...

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FILM: Ninja Apocalypse

ninja apo1

Ninja Apocalypse I fell in to the trap. Ninjas, the intimation of zombies, how could I resist? The cover looks cool but if anything, the title should have screamed ‘B’ movie at me. Not that all B movies are necessarily ...

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