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Caution! Some reviews will contain spoilers!

FILM: A good man

a good man1

    A good man Steven Seagal just won’t stop making films. He’s just cocky with the old chopsocky. Now at 62, he qualifies for retirement and his free bus pass but instead would rather tear around waving guns, dishing ...

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Book: The Way of the Warrior

way of warrior book

      The Way of the Warrior by Chris Crudelli. This 360 page book, published in 2008 has been taken off my shelf, dusted and reviewed for our new martial arts book section. I apologise that it’s not a ...

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Book: The Art of War

art of war

  The Art of War is a Chinese military classic by Sun Zi. Written more than 2,3oo years ago a lot of the tactical information rings true today in battle, in business and in life. Ok, so I cheated a ...

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Book: Legends of the Martial Arts Masters


  This book (119 pages long) is a compilation of twenty short stories about various martial arts masters. Each has a different theme and read like anecdotes. Some are unbelievable, some are exaggerated and some leave you perplexed but all ...

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FILM Chinese Zodiac


                                  Chinese Zodiac (or CZ12) is the latest and weakest outing for Jackie Chans gum chewing Asian Hawk (or Asian Condor). For the uninitiated, ...

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FILM: The Raid 2


                        Welsh born director Gareth Evans has done it again! This time around he’s got a more cash to flash. The inflated budget is reflected in the films bigger ...

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FILM: Special ID

special ID

                    During the intro the camera slowly pans across the beautiful Hong Kong sky line with a saxophone riff playing in the background. It has the subtle undertones of an old ...

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FILM: Ninja-Shadow of a tear


                            The crate containing the recipe for 1980s martial arts ninja action film has been jemmied open with a Shuriken and faithfully restored and updated.  I recognised ...

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FILM: Blood Money

blood money

                        Blood Money is, I guess, a gangster film and follows the bad guys as they try to expand out of Miami into the Asian drugs market. There are ...

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FILM: Badges of Fury

badges 723

                          For those of you wanting a hard core martial arts action flick, then this Chinese import isn’t for you. When the mad cap title sequence started, I ...

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